Liberty Elementary





Photos Needed!

Want to help make the Liberty Yearbook the BEST?  We need your photos!  As the year progresses, when you take photos you would like to see in the yearbook, follow the steps below to upload them for our editors to use in creating the book.  Folders will be set up for each event or activity (i.e.: Spirit Nights, 1st Day of School, gym class, etc).  We try to create the pages in a timely fashion so as not to have a crunch time at the end, so please don’t wait to submit your photos or they may be left out of our book!

To Upload Photos for the Yearbook in 10 Easy Steps:

1.       Go to

2.       First register for a new login (if you are visiting Link for the first time)

3.       Enter your Name, Email Address, Password and “Submit.”

4.       Then your name will appear on the left side of the Link homepage in place of the word “Register.”

5.       Search for Liberty by typing the first few letters of the school name until a dropdown list appears to give you the option to choose Liberty.

6.       After the school is chosen from the dropdown list, click “Go To Your School’s Link Homepage.”

7.       Click on the “Upload Your Photos” button.

8.       Choose the category you want to upload photos to, then browse on your computer for the photos, select one or more, and upload them.

9.       You can tag people in the photos or add captions at this point, then finalize the upload.

10.   If you need to upload more photos, click the button at the top to do so.

Kroger Community Rewards Program

It is time to re-enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program! If you were enrolled last year, you must re-enroll by August 31st. According to Kroger, on September 1st, supporters who do NOT re-enroll will be dropped from the program. Go to to re-enroll.

For those who were not previously enrolled in the program, you can register your Kroger Plus Shoppers Card and earn money for our PTA every time you shop at Kroger. Register online at - it's quick and easy! Look for the orange buttons towards the bottom of the screen. You can either “Create an Account,” or if you have previously registered your Kroger card online you can “Sign in.” We are listed as “Liberty Elementary PTA,” so you can search for our organization by typing in liberty. If you do not have a Kroger Plus Shoppers Card, you can obtain one at the customer service desk at any Kroger. This is NOT a credit card and there are no fees, plus with the card you will receive discounts on many of the items that you purchase.